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Here’s the latest in my series of posts featuring Glastonbury shops and shopkeepers (see the bottom of the page for links to the others). These posts were great fun to put together. Not only did I actually get to chat to people for the first time in ages, but it also presented an excellent opportunity to photograph Glastonbury’s shopkeepers in situ, many of whom have spent lockdown renovating their shops ready for visitors. Visitors will be reassured to hear that there is a lovely atmosphere in town, social distancing measures are in place and Glastonbury’s shops, businesses and accommodation providers are looking forward to seeing you!

This post was published in July 2020 but is just as relevant now!

Venture Past the Post Office!

This little photographic tour starts at the very top of the High Street, there are loads of lovely shops, a cafe in a vintage shop hairdressers and other services up there. Often visitors to town miss them, the first four photos here are of just some of the shops you won’t find unless you venture past the Post Office!

Mumani Vintage Clothes Shop Glastonbury
Mumani Vintage at 86B High Street
Bag End at 88B High St, they sell, ummm, accessories for special interests!
The Wonky Broomstick Shop in Glastonbury
The Wonky Broomstick at 84 High Street
Heart of the Tribe Gallery Glastonbury
Heart of The Tribe Art Gallery 74 High Street
Ashok and Babali, Glastonbury
Ashok and Babali Clothing, 72 High Street
Emajon at 65 High Street sell men’s and ladies clothes in their quirky shop
The Lemon Tree Antique Shop at 57 High Street
Sculptor Phillipa Bowers in her Glastonbury Shop
Phillipa Bowers at 24 High St with her beautiful sculptures, she’s a Glastonbury institution!
Art of Africa Shop in Glastonbury
Art of Africa at 15 High Street
Midgard Craft Shop in Glastonbury
Ted the Viking in his shop Midgard Craft in the Gauntlet Arcade
Yin Yang Shop Glastonbury
Chris in Yin Yang at 10 High Street
Star Child in Glastonbury
Star Child at 7 High St
My Pleasure Shop in Glastonbury
My Pleasure in The Glastonbury Courtyard, 2-4 High St
gareth Mills in Courtyard Books in Glastonbury
Gareth Mills in his secondhand bookshop Courtyard Books at 2-4 High St
Amanda in Haruka Clothes Shop Glastonbury
Amanda Chambers of Haruka at 20 Magdalene St, sells beautiful clothes from her own label and from other ethical local designers

There’s More!

If you enjoyed this post you’ll like these too! Normal In Glastonbury features photographs of shops and services that you’d find in any medium sized town, except that people in Glastonbury are so interesting that it ended up being fascinating and colourful regardless! Glastonbury begins to reopen after lockdown has more photos of our wonderful shops and shopkeepers.

Amateur Photographer Magazine interviewed me about my series of photos of Glastonbury Shopkeepers, so if you’d like to learn more about how I went about taking them please click on the article.

I have not asked for payment for this post from anyone featured, I’m just doing what I can to help welcome visitors back after a 3 month lockdown that has been extremely hard on our little town that has been welcoming pilgrims for hundreds of years. If you’ve found my posts useful, interesting, or just entertaining please see how to Support Me to carry on writing. I haven’t been asking Glastonbury businesses to commission a post because I know times are hard (especially for those not running mail order businesses) but if you want to reach forty thousand plus readers please get in touch!

I always get asked what camera I use for the blog: all these shots were taken on a Huawei Mate P20 Pro Phone which I picked up secondhand from a local photographer, I’m absolutely delighted with it – the wide angle lens on it is brilliant.

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