Normal In Glastonbury

No Normal Shops in Glastonbury?

The Washing Well Launderette in Glastonbury
The Washing Well Launderette at 73 High Street. There’s something about these three lovely ladies that makes me smile.

This post was published in July 2020 but is just as relevant in April 2021!

It’s often said that there are ‘no normal shops in Glastonbury’. It’s true that you can’t buy white goods, there’s no ‘High Street’ chains and if you need something practical, like trainers or a rucksack, you are best heading to the temple of shiny newness that is Clarks Village in Street, a whole two miles away. However, we do have many of the essential shops and services you’d expect to find in a medium sized town.

Now Glastonbury is beginning to reopen after lockdown, I’ve been taking the opportunity to photograph the shops and shopkeepers. Usually at this time of year, they are busy with people, but with fewer visitors and social distancing measures I’ve been able to capture them at their best. Particularly since many have spent the 3 months of lockdown refurbishing, restocking and generally making their premises ready to receive visitors. I published the first set of images in this post Glastonbury Begins to Reopen After Lockdown.

Last week I popped into Tor Pets to ask if they wanted a photo and Jennie had a suggestion – why didn’t I do a ‘Normal in Glastonbury’ post and feature the ‘normal’ shops? I thought this was a brilliant idea, so thanks Jennie. I do try and represent Glastonbury in an authentic way. But I must admit, it’s hard not to get distracted by the wyrd and wonderful when you live in a town where you’ll find more besom brooms for sale in the High Street than yard brushes. You won’t find anyone selling saucepans in the centre of town, but you are spoiled for choice when it comes to cauldrons.

Tor Pets Shop in Glastonbury
Jennie from Tor Pets at 68 High St

I had great fun taking these pictures, everyone was so friendly and it was nice to chat to people who I don’t normally meet (as I don’t have a pet and haven’t yet needed to buy a carpet) I hope you enjoy them, they are by no means comprehensive, there are other normal shops too. I couldn’t decide what order to put them in, so I’ve arranged them as you encounter them from the top of the High Street downwards.

By the way, no one has paid me to be in this post, I thought it was a fun idea and Glastonbury Shops need support after the lockdown. But, the only way I can afford to do posts like these are if some of you support me to carry on writing (and photographing!) so please take a look at how you can support Normal For Glastonbury, you can join We are Normal For Glastonbury (your £20 subscription helps a lot) and buy my eBook (it’s only £3.99), paperback coming out soon! Local businesses if you’d like an in depth interview please find out how to commission an article from me and reach thousands of people who love Glastonbury Town.

The Abundiflora Flower Shop in Glastonbury
Abundiflora at 65 High Street, Jake is possibly the smiliest person ever.
The Curtain Pole Shop in Glastonbury
Curtain Pole Interiors at 64 High Street Glastonbury, they were a little shy so I thought I’d make them comfortable on these cushions!
The Zen Computer Shop in Glastonbury
Zen Computers at 53 High Street, wide angle shot to fit them all in, the staff are larger in real life
The Post Office Shop in Glastonbury
Glastonbury Post Office at 35 High Street. Gerald the postmaster wasn’t keen to be photographed!
Sew Over the Moon Shop in Glastonbury
Sew Over the Moon at 33 High St. There’s something timeless about this photo, except for the Covid shield which is on point!
The Vintage Hideaway Shop in Glastonbury
The Vintage Hideaway at 17b High St (next to the entrance to Rainbow’s End Cafe). I wish my bedroom was as organised.
Mandy in the Pie and Tart gluten free bakery in Glastonbury
Mandy in Pie & Tart, Unit 22 The Gauntlet. Literally the best gluten free cakes and savouries ever.
Steve from Glastonbury's smallest department store
Steve demonstrating that whatever anyone says, you can buy knickers and socks in Glastonbury.
I wrote a blog post all about Steve and Jan’s tiny department store in the Gauntlet Shopping Arcade.
Burns the Bread Social Distancing
Burns the Bread at 14 High Street. Which reminds me, I need some buckets, and a pasty.
Glastonbury Galleries
Glastonbury Galleries in the alleyway by the Assembly Rooms at 10A High Street. I thought this photos was nicely framed. Boom boom.
Dicketts Shop in Glastonbury
Dicketts Stationers at 6 High Street

Steve and Glenn from Dicketts stationers do sell Glastonbury gifts and cards, but they also have a wide range of art and stationery supplies too, so I figured they count as nearly normal!

Stephens Butchers in Glastonbury
Stephen’s Butchers on Glastonbury Market Place. Not, this isn’t Steve, no, I’m not sure where he was.
Debs in Little Imps Toy Shop, Glastonbury
Little Imps Toy Shop at 8b Market place. Debbie looking as fabulous as ever.
Abbey Convenience Store in Glastonbury
Abbey Convenience Store at 10 Magdalene Street. Fags, chocolate and booze, that’s me sorted then (actually I’ve given up the fags)
Tin Pot Pasty in Glastonbury
Tin Pot Pasty Co at 6 Magdalene Street, offering a convenient take away service
Bancroft Carpets in Glastonbury
Bancroft Carpets at 12 Benedict Street – we had a lovely chat!

Welcoming everyone back to Glastonbury!

All these shops are now open. Accommodation providers will gradually be reopening from July 4th. For photos of our (often considerably less normal) shops that are already open after lockdown, please see this article (there’s another one coming soon):

I made some humorous observations about shopping in Glastonbury in this early post:

Amateur Photographer Magazine interviewed me about my series of photos of Glastonbury Shopkeepers, so if you’d like to learn more about how I went about taking them please click on the article.

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  1. Just read the book, it was a Christmas present from my wife, I couldn’t put it down very interesting and amusing too. We love Glastonbury and its interestingly different people, a must for any of you people watchers out there. A place where acceptance of all types of people is apparent, if only the world was too.


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