About Me

Hi, I’m Vicki Steward, during the 26 years I have (mostly) lived in the town of Glastonbury I have spent over a decade organizing festivals (yes, including Glastonbury), been a New Age and Occult bookseller, worked for a cult Psychedelic Jazz Rock Band called Gong, lived in a shared house (the Glastonbury Institute of Gracious Living) famed for its fancy dress parties, helped run the Assembly Rooms Community Arts Venue and done some other stuff which will most likely form the basis of some blog posts.

Photo by Dave Watts www.wattsdave.com

The photo is taken not in Glastonbury, but in nearby Shepton Mallet at a retreat where I worked with people who were suffering various forms of crisis in their lives – homelessness, bereavement, relationship breakdown, recovery from addiction etc. Here I am shovelling shit. This was just one in a series of attempts to move out of Glastonbury.

I have also lived in a caravan and cabin on the Somerset Levels. There was no running water and my electricity came from an 80W solar panel. On my doorstep was Ham Wall Nature Reserve, which I spent two and a half years exploring and photographing. As I was only a four mile cycle ride from Glastonbury, where I went to the office, to shop and to socialise, this was hardly a credible attempt to move away.

So, 26 years and counting and I’m still here, on the Summer Isle, and I still (mostly) love it.

I’m pretty handy at all sorts of project management work, IT, events organisation, photography etc, so please take a look at my Hire Me page. If you’d like to contact me please do so using this handy form!

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