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Glastonbury’s Heart of The Tribe Art Gallery commissioned me to interview its core artists for their website. Their artists are all Somerset based and work in a variety of disciplines. Meeting and talking to all of these fascinating people has been hugely inspiring and has led me to appreciate the huge importance and universality of the creative journey, in its infinite forms and variety, for all of us as individuals and in community. Click the links to read the interviews, I’ll add more as I interview the rest of the artists. You’ll find more information about the Heart of the Tribe Gallery below.

Heart of the Tribe – The Gallery

This was a great exercise in multimedia creation for me too – I experimented with different interview methods, sometimes I took extensive notes, or I recorded using an app called which transcribes the interview, then I would edit the transcription. I found these methods gave a different flavour to the finished articles. I used some video for Melanie Thompson’s piece, as I felt it was the best way to capture the dynamism of this interdisciplinary artist. Many of the interviews are accompanied by my photos of the artist, when I couldn’t meet the artist ‘in situ’ they supplied their own images. Documenting their creativity journey led me further on my own creative journey and gave me a new understanding of, and appreciation for, art.

Of course, the best way to experience their work is to see it, do pay a visit to Heart of the Tribe, you’ll find them near the top of Glastonbury’s High Street at number 74, at the rear of the garden there’s a beautifully planted garden with a workshop space and great coffee. There’s a regular programme of events and workshops where you can meet the artists themselves, inspire your own creativity and learn creative techniques. You can also buy original art works, prints and T- Shirts from the Heart of the Tribe’s online shop.

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I am genuinely delighted that Glastonbury now hosts such an exciting and vibrant art space, with a real focus on inspiration and inclusivity. I’ve got more artists to interview so will add them as they happen. Art is for everyone, enjoy and #keepglastonburycolourful.

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