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Apart from the occasional commissioned article no one pays me to run Normal For Glastonbury, I’m 100% independent. The vast majority of the work I do promoting the town I do for love, not money and it has now become my full time job. I rely on the support of you, my readers, to keep writing about and photographing the town.

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We Are Normal For Glastonbury is an online community for all of us who feel at HOME in the unique and magical town of Glastonbury (Somerset, UK) wherever we might be in the world. It’s for anyone who would like to read informative, in depth and often humorous articles about the town.

Only £20 for a year’s subscription and exclusive members benefits – a personalized member’s certificate, a comprehensive Visitor’s Guide to the Town, discounts from local businesses, member’s blog and more. Plus you will be supporting me to continue publishing Normal For Glastonbury on several social media platforms, to promote the town and it’s creative people, for free! When you join there is the option to make a one-off donation in addition to your £20 subscription, if you wish to.


Please consider making a one off or regular donation to support my publishing Normal For Glastonbury for free. Your support is invaluable in helping me keep the site ad free, so no one will hassle you to buy double glazing or diet pills while you are browsing my content!

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If you aren’t in a position to give financial support to the blog that’s absolutely fine, it will still be free for you to read. You can make a valuable contribution to my writing – let me know what you would like me to write about, ‘like’ my facebook page and contribute your own stories and comments, share my blog and facebook posts (this is really important – it’s how I reach more readers!), subscribe to the blog by email. See my ’Hire Me’ page if you’d like to pay me to help you with your own projects. Or you can commission a post.

Whatever you can do to help you are directly supporting my writing and helping me to bring more visitors and revenue to the town, to support all its creative people and businesses.

Thank you, I really do appreciate everyone in the Normal For Glastonbury community,

Vicki x

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