Glastonbury Christmas Windows 2021

Glastonbury shops never disappoint when it comes to decorating their windows for the Winter Solstice. I went out on a couple of evenings last week to capture them for you. It was cold and raining, but no great hardship as I get such pleasure from seeing the ingenuity and design skills that are put into every one. Most look their best at night, there’s less people in the way and less cars so I can generally get a better picture. I hope you enjoy these.

Yin Yang

Starting off with my favourites, Yin Yang always do a stunning job of their Christmas windows, they take days to put together, the whole shop front is a spectacle of light and colour. I’m afraid my photos can’t do them justice, the amount of detail in their windows is quite stunning, you just have to see them for yourself for the full effect.


Wildwood is another shop with big windows that give plenty of room for an impressive Winter Solstice display.

Lots More Glastonbury Christmas Windows

Click the photos to see a full-size version and find out which shop it is in the caption.

There’s plenty more window displays to see below, but here’s a quick reminder that you can buy the ideal gift for anyone who loves Glastonbury from me! Click the links to find out more:

Curtain Pole Interiors

You’d expect an interiors shop to create a stunning window display and the Curtain Pole never disappoints. The toy train and polar bears of past years have been replaced with colourful cushions and Santa’s postbox.

Mumani Vintage

If you do come to Glastonbury for some Christmas shopping make sure you get to the very top of the High Street, there you’ll find some great shops like Mumani Vintage. I generally avoid including people in my Christmas window pictures, but I loved the contrast of this woman wrapped up in her sensible winter coat with the party sparkle clothes she’s looking at.

Mumani Vintage Glastonbury Christmas 2021

The High Street

Sadly I took this picture before the lights went on the Christmas trees, but the darkening sky at dusk more than compensated.

High Street Glastonbury Christmas 2021
Marketplace Glastonbury 2021
Market Place Reflections

White Rabbit

White Rabbit have created a striking effect with this gift-wrap ribbon on their shop front.

Glastonbury Christmas Windows 2021

The Covenstead B&B

I guess the Covenstead must start putting up their Christmas display the day after they take down their fantastic Samhain (Halloween) decorations. They pull all the stops out to produce a tasteful, twinkling Winter Solstice wonderland every year. You’ll find them in Magdalene Street opposite the Abbey.

Covenstead Glastonbury Christmas 2021

Glastonbury Galleries and the Assembly Rooms Alleyway

Glastonbury Galleries fill the Assembly Rooms alleyway outside their shop with flowers in Summer, for the festive period they have hung numerous strings of fairy lights, again I can’t really do them justice in a photograph.

Sorry to those I’ve left out, I know I haven’t included the Gauntlet or the Monarch arcades, but they were closed when I took these. If you are coming shopping here do make sure to check out the more tucked away places, at the end of Magdalene Street, Benedict St, Northload Street and the top of the High Street past the Post Office.

Glastonbury High St Christmas 2021

No one paid me to be included in this post, I put it together because I love seeing the windows and sharing my photography with you and I like to support Glastonbury businesses.

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7 thoughts on “Glastonbury Christmas Windows 2021”

    • As I said in the post, the Gauntlet and Monarch were closed so I couldn’t get photos. As it was I went out in the rain and freezing cold to get photos of as many shops as I could, which I do every year without asking for payment. Brrrr. Grrrr.

  1. Vicki, I’m thinking of taking my mum on a wee tour of Glastonbury’s shop windows this year, just before Christmas. If you were pressed to recommend half a dozen or so of the most dazzling, which might you choose?

    • Ooh, I could get in trouble here as I’m going to have to leave so many out! So I’m guessing your Mum isn’t hugely mobile and doesn’t want to shop, so I’d come after 6pm when you should be able to find a spot in the High Street to park and I’ll suggest windows that are quite close together! I’d head for the parking spaces just below the middle and start off by crossing the road to admire the huge illuminated ribbon on White Rabbit, the Goddess and the Green Man, the wonderful Tree decorations in Dilliway and Dilliway and over the other side of the road Philippa Bowers, Wildwood and then Yin Yang. You could then head down the High Street to admire the Christmas Tree, checking out Elestial and for a moment of childhood wonder looking in at Little Imps Toyshop. There are plenty of others too, but these were my highlights.

      • Brilliant, cheers for that. You’re right, at 93 she’s a wee bit doddery but does still like to have a look inside shops sometimes. so I’ll take your advice but try and catch a few of them before they actually close.
        A Kool Yule to Y’All at NFG !
        David XX


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