Crap Views of the Tor

Of all the stuff I post on the Normal For Glastonbury Facebook page, my ‘Crap Views of the Tor’ series has been the most surprising success. In fact it seems that people love the idea so much they’ve been submitting their own to the page. Here are a few of my favourites.

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So Many Levels of Crapness

Some people really push the envelope when it comes to getting a crap shot. This one of Dee’s taken from a moving car has got it all – motion blur, greasy windscreen, bollards, even some fingertips. Estarielle’s effort is impressive in it’s crapness, particularly as it’s taken from a spot where really lovely shots of the Tor can usually be easily achieved, I think the road sign steals the show in this shot.

This first shot is one of mine taken from the Industrial estate, I’m afraid I find Union Jack’s somewhat incongruous in most places except food packaging. The second one is of Carrie’s dog Buddy, she titled this magnificent effort ‘Crap with a View of the Tor’.


Some Crap Photos come with a story, like this collection from Mascha, who told me:

“We used to live at Hood Close at the Redland Estate. From our top windows we had a good view of the Tor, but the chimney of Drapers blocked our view at the Michael’s Tower. Did we wish that chimney away! And guess what? That happened. They started with demolishing the chimney and then the rest of the building disappeared. When everything was gone, we even could see the whole Tor, with tower, from the ground floor.”


The Tor has a habit of surprising you, even in the centre of the town, by popping into view between buildings. It’s a little reminder that you are in a special place. Here are a few of my favourites shots submitted by Normal For Glastonbury followers,

Portaloo after the Rain

Matthew Tidy’s evocatively titled ‘Portaloo After the Rain’ was even picked up by ‘Visit Somerset’ and shared on their Facebook page.

Everything’s Coming Up Rainbows

Regular readers of this blog will know my frustration at never having seen an otter on the Somerset Levels. I seem to be struck with similarly bad luck when it comes to seeing rainbows arching over the Tor, I always miss this perfect photo opportunity by being in the wrong spot, hence this first photo I took from Aldi car park. Jon Bull however has used mundane surrounding to his advantage in this magnificent shot!

Strangely Captivating

There’s a lot going on in this photo of Gareth’s taken in Glastonbury’s Tesco, but look carefully and you’ll spot Glastonbury’s iconic landmark!

Photo by Gareth Peter Mercer

A Little Lubrication

This photo of Karen’s is so beautifully composed it’s almost not crap, except the word ‘lube’ always makes me giggle so it qualifies for this collection.

Photo by Karen Shoemark

Photoshop skills!

I went out on a very foggy day in January this year and got some lovely pictures, the Tor always looks extra magical when partly veiled by the Mists of Avalon. However, this was more of a ‘pea-souper’ which completely obscured the view of Tor Hill, even from one of my favourite vantage points off Bulwarks Lane. You can see the view I might have been expecting in the first of these pictures, while the last one was Mary Carter-Kenny’s helpfully ‘corrected’ image, which had me spitting my tea out laughing.

You can see the other (rather less crap) photos I took that day in this post:

Not Really Crap

BPH takes beautiful photographs of the Somerset Levels, you can find them on their Facebook Page, but suggested this image taken on Tealham Moor on the last day of 2020 as a Crap View of the Tor, I’m not convinced, it’s still too beautiful an image to be crap. Next to it is Claire Hubert’s picture from St Dunstan’s Car Park, with a little bit of cropping this autumnal scene would be far from crap.

I’m saving more of your Crap Views of the Tor for a future post, so please keep sending them in to the Normal For Glastonbury Facebook page, they really cheer me up and I know lots of other people enjoy seeing them to. If your desire for crap photos is not yet sated please see my earlier posts:

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  1. My view; there are crap places from which the Tor can be photographed, but there are no crap photos of the Tor !
    Pedantic ? Moi ?


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