Camping at Bob’s Field

Glastonbury Campsite, Cantina and Event Space

There’s a new campsite on the outskirts of Glastonbury run by Sadie and her partner Kevin. I know Sadie is a down to earth Somerset lass, great fun and a fantastic cook, so I was excited to hear that she’s running a campsite and cycled there from town to check it out.

The campsite opened in mid July, they are affiliated with Freedom Camping, which is part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme to get people back into nature. as the couple really liked their ethos.

“We’re not a glamping site, we’re not 5 star, but we are a field in Somerset with lots of space, lots of fire pits, lots of homemade and repurposed furniture and the opportunity to meet your neighbours!” Kevin

Why ‘Bob’s Field’?

The field is owned by Sadie’s Dad, local legend Bob Wilson. He’s a big Glastonbury character in every sense of the word. Bob is a jovial chap with a strong Somerset burr, he’s done landscaping work for over fifty years and is the size of a small tractor with hands as big as shovels. In the nineties Bob was the glass collector in the Rifleman’s Pub. I remember seeing a couple of lads misbehaving in the Rife’s one night, Bob cupped their heads in his mighty palms, knocking them together with a gentle ‘clonk’, it was a reminder to everyone to behave and needless to say it worked. 

There are as many stories about Bob as there are people who’ve met him. Many years ago I went with Brun and Tess to look at repurposing some old doors Bob had for the Assembly Rooms. It was not yet noon, but Bob insisted we couldn’t leave without first sampling his homemade wine. The glasses were tiny and the wine delightful so we couldn’t see any harm, except we hadn’t realised how many varieties Bob had for us to try! Needless to say the rest of the day’s work was soon abandoned,  we spent the afternoon in the Rife’s and then the Crown, telling everyone we met that we loved them. 

Bob grows the vegetables on the site and there’s a chance for guests to meet the big man himself as he comes round offering veg boxes for sale. 

What’s On Offer?

You can bring your own campervan or tent, or hire one of their six lovely bell tents. All you need to bring if you are hiring a bell tent is your own bedding and camping gear as they are equipped with proper sprung mattresses on divan bases with freshly cleaned cotton sheets. 

The facilities are basic but there’s everything you need. They’ve got eco-friendly bio digester toilets run on solar power, these are proper porcelain toilets. The site’s electricity comes from solar panels (so no hookup for your campervan) but they are connected to mains water for their gas powered showers. Everything possible is recycled and repurposed giving the site a homespun charm.

You can hire the campsite for your own event, up to 100 campers can be accommodated. The campsite is licensed all year round, but Sadie and Kevin anticipate that camping will stop at the end of October and that the Cantina and field will instead be used for occasional events throughout Winter.

The Perfect Location

Bob’s Field is a really peaceful spot. Sadie tells me there’s an abundance of wildlife here, rooks, buzzards, goldfinches and herons make regular appearances, while in Winter the starlings fly over in huge numbers off to roost on the nearby reedbeds. Trees surround the field and an abundance of fruit trees have been planted on site. They are planning an apple pressing event for Autumn. 

Bob’s Field is in an Ideal location for exploring the local area by car, on foot or by bicycle. You’re only a 5 minute walk to the Beckery where you’ll find the Old Tannery bar and restaurant, housed in the Red Brick Building which hosts regular events and exhibitions. It’s about a mile and a half to Glastonbury’s town centre, so a fair walk but an easy ten minute cycle. Or you can head one mile the other way to Street where you’ll find the Clarks Village Outlet. 

More about the Beckery (only a few minutes walk or cycle away) here:

The campsite is at the start of Glastonbury Way walk very close to Bride’s Mound, Glastonbury’s oldest sacred site. There’s a footpath directly from the site that takes you all the way to Westhay, or if you’d rather cycle it will take you less than ten minutes to Ham Wall RSPB and Shapwick Heath Nature Reserves. For more info on cycling in Glastonbury see this post.

Night Time at the Field – Fairy Lights and Fires

The Cantina

Sadie and Kevin are soon to open their Cantina on the site, offering a set menu of street food inspired by Sadie’s travels around South America. They will be using meat from the local butchers and vegetables grown on site, with vegan and vegetarian options. They are keen to hear from local food suppliers, particularly cheese makers. Bring your own alcohol.

There will be occasional special events at the Cantina which non-campers will be welcome to attend.

Sadie got through lockdown by crocheting, she’s currently working on a massive crocheted sunshade to be hung from the Cantina, it’s going to have to be about 40 metres square so she’s on the lookout for more wool if you’ve got any spare!

More Information

Wood is available to buy on site by the barrow load and there are fire pits for hire if you don’t have your own. No dogs are permitted on site. Pre-booking is essential, don’t just turn up as you won’t be admitted.

For everything else you need to know and to book, see the website or give them a ring on 07904102805:

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  1. So it is like Glastonbury except it is in Glastonbury and the tickets are not £250 quid and you don’t have to swim to your tent when it rains. I give the idea the thumbs up, and good for people who can’t afford mega expensive hotels.


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