Spring in Glastonbury

Buskers, Occultists and Pizza – Spring in Glastonbury

Spring has finally arrived in Glastonbury.. A jazz band busking on the High Street marks the end of Winter as much as daffodils in St John’s churchyard. The Gin Bowlers appeared on the afternoon of Friday 17th February and I made this short video, you’ll see well-known Glastonbury character (and eternal teenager) Dave Beach skateboarding past.

Seeing the Gin Bowlers reminded me that Spring will be followed by something (hopefully) resembling Summer and we’ll be heading off to some of the South West’s many music festivals. The Gin Bowlers will be appearing at one of the first of the year – Fanny’s Meadow Festival from June 1st to the 4th. A “Fabulous small, family friendly festival with wonderful music in a meadow in Somerset.” Only a handful of Glastonbury folk seem to have discovered this event, which is a shame as it is a lovely start to Summer, small, intimate, perfect for families and super friendly but with an astonishing number of really, really talented bands.


The Occult Conference was on over that weekend too, it’s the first big conference of the year, so I guess this means the season has started where we begin to welcome large numbers of visitors from around the world. The workshops on offer included a ‘Draconic LHP self-definition’ workshop and Rodney Orpheus, member of 80’s goth band Sisters of Mercy, leading  ‘a deconstruction and performance of the Mithraic Liturgy’. I have absolutely no idea what this means.

The Occult Conference

Trevor from the Cat and Cauldron, one of the hosts of the Occult Conference, recently posted on Facebook “The Town Hall will be festooned with Occult Conference banners and flower arrangements by lunchtime, and we look forward to welcoming the weekenders this evening.” Flower arrangements? I imagined men in black leather trench coats, wearing conspicuous silver jewellery bearing arcane sigils that loudly indicate they are in a very secret club only open to possessors of hidden knowledge, alongside rosy-cheeked Women’s Institute ladies, in flowery pinafores and sensible shoes, fussing over lilies bound in black ribbons emerging artfully from the eye sockets of horse skulls.

In order to dispel this fanciful notion from my mind I popped into the Occult Market in the Town Hall on Saturday afternoon to ‘see Trevor’ (actually to be nosy). Trevor is one of those obliging people, who even though he knows I am going to take the mick, always agrees to me quoting him for the blog. As I had anticipated the room was full of people who looked like they went to funerals for fun.

Trevor was sat behind a display of books on witchcraft, with a seller of conspicuous silver jewellery on one side and two rather intense looking, black-clad men from the ‘Satanic Temple’ on the other. They didn’t appear to be selling much so I guess they were on a recruitment drive. I could have chatted with them for the blog, but I can’t help but think Satanists are a bit silly.

As Trevor and I talked we were interrupted by a very, very, loud and low rumbling from above. It sounded as if a steam train was passing overhead. The room went silent as everyone looked nervously at the ceiling. When the noise eventually passed Trevor said “Well, that was scary”. Somehow I hadn’t imagined Trevor as a man who was easily scared.

Seriously, this is the image that flashed through my mind…..

Middlewick’s ginormous wood powered pizza oven


In the evening I headed to Middlewick Holiday Cottage’s Pizza Night. Jill has commissioned me to write some posts on Middlewick’s blog, and she’d offered me free pizza. Jill runs these pizza nights to bring visitors and locals together and is a very welcoming hostess.  I had a lovely evening, met some great people, and ate rather a lot of pizza.

To hear all about it please see my post here on Middlewick’s Blog. I hope to be posting quite regularly on there, which is great as it gives me the chance to write some more general tourist information type posts.

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4 thoughts on “Buskers, Occultists and Pizza – Spring in Glastonbury”

  1. Being one of those “silly Satanist’s” I’m not sure whether to be dissappointed or relieved that you decided not to talk with us.

    If you had in fact decided to speak with us you would’ve maybe saved your snap judgement, and gained a significant opportunity to attend our unveiling event for your blog; but hey no big loss to us.

    hopefully you’ll keep your resevations to yourself in future. and if you decide to contact us do so through our website you might learn something.😈

    • I didn’t come to talk to you because I thought you looked like people who took themselves too seriously, and I try and avoid people who take themselves seriously, I admit that was a judgement. As it happens your comment shows you do take yourself too seriously, as being referred to as ‘silly’ in a blog that celebrates all that is eccentric in Glastonbury has offended your delicate Satanic ego. As for keeping my reservations to myself, no, you can bugger off, I write a blog, it’s a free country.


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