Spreading Kindness in Glastonbury Town

The Day Zane Met Green, Glastonbury’s Wand Seller

Debbie, a Normal For Glastonbury Facebook friend, recently wrote to me after reading Lisa Goodwin’s post about Green, the Glastonbury Wand Seller:

“He made such an impression on us the day we met him and I will remember it always. I have recently been helping a friend with an initiative to help raise awareness for mental health… and when I read what had happened to Green and how it had affected him, it just made me want to send him one of our special heart messages. I would love to repay Green’s kindness and let him know that he made a difference to our lives that day. Thanks so much. Debbie x”.

I asked Debbie if she’d like to tell us a little bit more about the day Zane met Green, she kindly obliged. I hope you enjoy hearing their story.

“I just don’t understand why anybody would want to stop somebody spreading kindness and positivity. The world needs more Greens!”

“It had been a few years since my husband and I had been to Glastonbury – almost 20 years in fact! So on our way back home to Warwickshire from a weekend in Longleat last July, we took a short detour to introduce our 9 year old son, Zane, to this quirky town that holds some great memories for us.

Green the Wand Seller in Glastonbury Town

We were heading to a crystal shop that Zane had spied in the distance and Green was just setting up his stall outside. The wands caught our eye and after a minute or two our shy and cautious boy plucked up the courage to get a bit closer and have a look. Green immediately read the situation so he just said a friendly “Hello!” and told us to feel free to pick the wands up. It didn’t take Green long to put Zane at ease and get him talking (no mean feat I might add).

Green was so charming and charismatic. We loved chatting to him… hearing about how his wands were made and learning about the Wishing the World Better Club. After Green had welcomed Zane to the Club and explained that his first wish with the wand should be to wish something good for somebody else, he then gave Zane his own wand and hat to practice making a wish. We eventually said our goodbyes and headed off to the Chalice Well Gardens feeling elated. Green made a real impact on all of us that day. Glastonbury had once again delivered!

I often think about him, wondering if he is still spreading his magic around Glastonbury. I decided to see if I could find out through the power of social media, which led me to Normal For Glastonbury and Lisa Goodwin’s story about Green. It was heartbreaking to read what had happened and how it had affected him. I couldn’t understand why anybody would want to stop him wishing the world better.

I have been helping a friend of mine who has also been spreading kindness, love and positivity with special heart messages that people all around the UK – and even overseas – have been leaving in their towns and villages for people to find. All I can think about is sending one to Green to let him know how special he is. I’ve made a special edition green jute heart – it seemed fitting! I hope I can find a way to get it to him one day.

The world is a better place for having Green in it. I hope he reads this and all of the other heartfelt comments that people have left. And I hope he returns to Glastonbury. But for now, wherever he is, I am sure he is spreading kindness, love and positivity one way or another”.

To learn more about the mental health initiative that Debbie is involved in see the website @takeheartxo ‘spreading the love one crochet heart at a time’ and watch this video.

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