Glastonbury Past and Present Film Centenary

Glastonbury Film 1922

One hundred years ago Glastonbury was the first UK town to have its history recorded in film. ‘Glastonbury Past and Present’ was made by the Avalonian poet Alice Buckton, featured local people as the cast and was released in 1922.

Beltane 2022 in Glastonbury

My photos videos of the Beltane procession and maypole dancing in Glastonbury Town in 2022.

Normal for Glastonbury Six Years On

Pixabay Image Birthday Cake

It’s ironic that Normal For Glastonbury came about only because I’d decided to leave Glastonbury, quite possibly for good. This, my 150th published post, marks the sixth birthday of Normal For Glastonbury.

The Adventures of Miss Smith

Diana Milstein Artwork

I met up with Glastonbury artist Diana Milstein, to talk about her art, her forthcoming exhibition and her new book, ‘The Almost Complete Works of Miss Smith’.

Glastonbury Tor Trademarked

No More Photos

You’ll soon have to pay to photograph the Iconic Somerset landmark. You can find out how locals have reacted to the news here.

Nearly Normal in Glastonbury

What makes Glastonbury so special. Is it the people or the place? The community or the geography? The mythology or the history? The Abbey or the Tor? The Town or the countryside? The ‘born and bred’ locals or incomers?

Bride’s Mound in Glastonbury

The history and significance of this important 5th century religious site. Includes an interview with Dr Serena Roney-Dougal and an invitation to join the Friend’s of Bride’s Mound for their yearly Imbolc walk.

Glastonbury Christmas Windows 2021

Glastonbury High St Christmas 2021

Glastonbury shops never disappoint when it comes to decorating their windows for the Winter Solstice. I went out on a couple of evenings last week to capture them for you. It was cold and raining, but no great hardship as I get such pleasure from seeing the ingenuity and design skills that are put into … Read more

Glastonbury Frost Fayre 2021

Smiley stall holders at Glastonbury Frost Fayre

Glastonbury’s 2021 Frost Fayre went ahead despite gale force winds that toppled the town’s Christmas Tree, thanks to community spirit.

Yule Gifts from Glastonbury

Christmas Gifts Glastonbury 2021

This year I’m not only encouraging you to shop in Glastonbury for your Winter Solstice or Christmas gifts, but also to choose items that have been designed and created locally. Here’s a small selection of suggestions that I hope will enthuse you to come for a shopping trip, or check out some of our online shops if you can’t make it to the town.