Glastonbury Town Map

A useful and fairly comprehensive map showing the kind of things you are likely to find in the centre of the small but remarkable town of Glastonbury, in Somerset, England.

This map was one of the first things I created for Normal For Glastonbury, I keep thinking i ought to update it, but it’s still a reasonably accurate guide to what visitors might expect to see on a normal day in the town. It also makes it clear that the town grew up around the Abbey – to service the visiting pilgrims. Now the town serves a different sort of pilgrim, but nevertheless still looking for their own ‘Glastonbury Experience’. For a version of the map you can zoom in on click here. To see what Glastonbury was like in Medieval Times please take a look at this map:

For some rather more useful information to plan your visit to Glastonbury please click on this collection of my Visitor Information Posts.

I must credit Phil Lucas whose idea I’ve pinched for these maps, see his map ‘Know Where to Sit on Brighton Beach’.

21 thoughts on “Glastonbury Town Map”

  1. I miss this bonkers place so much. Your blog brings me back, every time.

    I miss so many people, sadly, some we’ll never see again in this life.

    I only met you in person a handful of times so you might not remember me.

    (Short, Scottish, looks a bit goth, often drank in the Rifes, ran the arts & crafts market on a Tuesday in the assembly rooms).

    No matter, keep up the good work. ~ Ebony X

  2. Absolutely superb. All that’s missing are the 15 men who genuinely believe that they are the current Merlin (and that the others are frauds), and the 13 women who genuinely believe that they are Morgana reborn (and that the others are frauds).

  3. I live in Glastonbury and am delighted by this map. However, you have missed out: smug people dressed entirely in white, shoeless people who skip everywhere and pirates.

  4. just read the nudity blog, its very funny vicky. i remember the costumes xx my sister is sat here with me , she had a good laugh x

  5. This is just brilliant. The only things missing are the 15 Merlins (who each believe that the other 14 are fakes) and the 13 Morganas (who each believe that the other 12 are fakes).

    • Yes, you are right! I am not at all sure myself, except to say that glitter tends to fall off and get everywhere. I suspect he went running down the High Street and the glitter is now in the cracks in the pavement.

  6. When you say about ‘Coach load of old ladies from Macclesfield’ do you mean in Cheshire? I didn’t know people from macc really went down that far on a coach haha. I’m coming this June. Can’t wait.

    • Hi Rachael, To be honest I was only dimly aware of where Macclesfield is when I created the map. I just like the word ‘Macclesfield’. I just looked and it is 188.8 miles away. You are right, it doesn’t even appear to be possible to get here on a coach from there, you have to catch the train and it takes a minimum of 6 and 3/4 hours one way. Well done for spotting that one. Mind you, there are a few fairly impossible things on there! Hope you have a lovely visit, thanks for getting in touch. Vicki x


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