Glastonbury Town Medieval Pilgrims Map

While rummaging in Daisy May’s secondhand shop I was very excited to find a dusty old vellum scroll secreted under some old mattresses, upon unrolling it I discovered it to be an ancient map of Glastonbury, which bore an uncommon resemblance to my own ‘Glastonbury Town Tourist Map’. It’s remarkable to see how little the town has changed in the last 773 years!

I did a little research and am convinced of the map’s authenticity, particularly since discovering that the unusually named lane on the Western edge of the map did indeed exist, see this Wikipedia entry.

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  1. Is it true that you can still find relics in Glastonbury ? Surely they must all been sold off by now. If there are any left I would appreciate any help finding them and the dollars will be forthcoming

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