Glastonbury Town I-Spy

Who remembers the days before Pokemon Go, when we walked around and looked at real things in our actual environment? I thought I’d celebrate the particular visual delights Glastonbury has to offer by creating an I-Spy game for the town. See how many you can spot, if you find some good ones tell us about them in the comments or, even better, send in your own photos to (but if they are of people please ask them first if they mind being photographed and appearing on facebook!).

If you like this please share it, and if it’s popular enough it may become the first of a series, I might even make up a downloadable certificate for professional Glastonbury I-Spyers!

All photos copyright Vicki Steward, please ask me if you would like to use them. Don’t forget to share, subscribe and comment on this post, and join the Normal for Glastonbury Facebook Group.


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