Glastonbury Town Christmas 2018

When you are choosing Christmas gifts, please buy from small local suppliers and support Glastonbury’s independent shops. We are lucky to be able to buy directly from artists, craftspeople, musicians, designers, writers, knitters, potters, jewellers, candle makers and other creative people. When we buy from the maker we are supporting a family, not a corporation, and bringing more art, beauty and creativity into the world. Gifts don’t have to be ‘things’  Glastonbury offers fantastic opportunities for buying your friends or family an experience – a ticket for a performance, a healing session, a workshop, a massage or a conference. If you are from out of town, you could combine this with a weekend at one of our wonderful themed Bed and Breakfasts

At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, our ancestors huddled together out of the cold and dark and were thankful for hearth, home, family and friendship. They feasted on the preserved fruits of the harvest and celebrated the first glimmers that meant the sun was returning for another year. Sadly, nowadays Christmas has become a celebration of consumption rather than the drawing together of the community that Winter Solstice signified. 

The word ‘gift’ comes from Old Norse, the Anglo Saxon rune ‘Gebo’ or ‘Gyfu’ is symbolized by a cross ‘X’ from which we derive our symbol for a kiss. Gyfu is a rune of friendship and denotes both the giver and receiver. We often react to receiving a gift with ‘Oh you shouldn’t have!’ but actually, if you can graciously accept gifts, along with compliments, you are giving a gift to the giver in return – acknowledging that their regard and kindness with appreciation. This rune counsels us to be generous in both giving and receiving. The word ‘gift’ also means natural talent, so it seems doubly fitting to me to gift others with the fruits of our own or other’s creative gifts, by giving something handmade and unique.

If you can visit Glastonbury and peruse the shops you’ll find plenty of gift-giving inspiration. I think Glastonbury’s Christmas Windows rival Regent Street for imagination and style. Take a slow stroll through town at dusk to really appreciate them. The town offers a great shopping experience, with none of the franticness of bargain hunting in the big stores, only to buy environmentally unfriendly plastic crap made by underpaid and exploited labour abroad. Plus there is a fantastic choice of eating establishments when you need a break. My recommendation would be the Lords of the Wildwood Cafe in the Assembly Rooms, where there’s a particularly warm and welcoming atmosphere and superb homemade cakes.

The shops in Glastonbury have I think become much more diverse of late, it’s not all crystals and tarot cards. I think it’s perfectly possible to find something for virtually anyone here, even your most ‘normal’ relation. Unlike online shopping, you also get to interact with real people. I recently asked locals to make gift idea suggestions on the Normal for Glastonbury Facebook Page, click on the link to see them 

I hope you enjoy my pictures of this year’s Christmas Windows in Glastonbury Town, sorry I haven’t included everyone, I haven’t had time. Click on the pictures for larger images. Yin Yang deserves a special mention for their tropical beach and Alice in Wonderland displays. They are wonderful, original and amusing, my photos don’t do them justice, have a look if you can.  For more pictures of Glastonbury at Christmas and gift inspiration from previous years, please see the Normal For Glastonbury Christmas Blog Archives. 

Here’s some pictures of the Lords of the Wildwood Cafe in the Assembly Rooms, the cake really is as good as it looks. Members of We Are Normal for Glastonbury get a discount too….

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3 thoughts on “Glastonbury Town Christmas 2018”

  1. Has anyone found a silver bracelet…. lost at frost fair
    Who were the group singing at the bottom, near the drumming troupe, they were good:
    Would be grateful for reply

    • Hi Jane, I’ve put a shout out on the Facebook page, I’ll let you know if I hear anything.
      The group singing may have been the Krishnas from London who visit for the Frost Fayre, I’m not sure that they are a group as such,


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