Glastonbury Snow

I love snow. We hardly ever seem to get it in Glastonbury, so when we do it’s even more special. I think the snow clouds tend to dump their load over the Mendips before they rarely get here. No matter how old I am I still get that ‘No School Today!’ elation when I open the curtains on a snowy day.

Glastonbury Tor in the Snow March 2018
Glastonbury Tor in the Snow March 2018

It was one of those rare days yesterday, it started snowing in the morning and then settled thickly. I ventured out to take some photos. I love the way the snow transformed the town, with virtually no vehicles, the eerie silence and the powdery white stuff covering up many of the features of modern life, I felt transported back in time a couple of hundred years. Without all the distractions I could really appreciate the architecture of the High Street and St Benedict’s Church.

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Of course, it was March the 1st yesterday, the first day of Spring. It’s only a few days since we cycled out to the Sheppey Inn, there was a breeze that day but the sun was warm. We sat outside by the river and talked about the lengthening days and the emerging snowdrops and daffodils. I never imagined how quickly it would change back to a Winter Wonderland.

I walked up to Morrisons. The shelves were looking rather empty, it appears that at the first sign of snow the residents of Glastonbury panic buy bread, chocolate and beer. Some sort of madness seemed to have infected everyone, the lad stocking the shelves with ale was belting out “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge with considerable enthusiasm. All of the customers in the biscuit aisle were singing along to John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads”. In the circumstances, I think they were being optimistic. I’ve driven on the country roads round here in the snow, and with the deep icy rhynes on either side, it’s a nerve wracking experience.

View from Chalice Hill over Glastonbury Town
View from Chalice Hill over Glastonbury Town

I love the feeling of achievement I get from doing just about anything in the snow, I felt proud when I made it through the door of the house, bearing a rucksack of bread, chocolate and sausages, I was the hunter who’d braved the elements to bring home the wooly mammoth. In the evening we managed the trek to the King Arthur for a pint of cider and a glass of mead, by the time we left the snow had turned to sleet. Despite predictions we’ve had no more snow this morning, I’m enjoying the quiet, watching the snowball fights. I’m off up the Tor soon, anyone got a sledge?

Here are some photos I took on the Avalon Marshes near Ham Wall in 2010. Click on them to see them full screen.

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