Glastonbury Memories from the Seventies

I recently put out a shout out on Normal For Glastonbury’s Facebook page for stories from Glastonbury’s past from long term residents. I received this account of life in Glastonbury in the Seventies from Wendy Tong, who has kindly let me share it with you all.

“We moved to Glastonbury when I was one, so it was 1962.  Michael Eavis was dating Mrs Lord, as we called her, at the top of our road (Landmead). He was a really cool guy and used to let us kids play on his van, swinging on the bars at the back, and sometimes he took us for a little drive in it. When I was at middle school, St Benedicts, it was around the time lots of ‘hippies’ started moving in. A lot of the shops put up notices that said ‘No hippies allowed’…can you believe it?! Anyway, one of these shops was the sweet shop near St Bens, I think it is a curry take away now, I also believe, before my time, it was a pub… Anyway, my mum was not a hippy but she didn’t see people should be treated differently so I was told not to go into this shop…my friends just didn’t get it, why couldn’t I buy sweets with them? I think good on Mum for being so open minded back in the day. Mum and Dad are still living in the same house in Landmead and I am back from my life in Spain as often as I can and Glastonbury still feels like home to me.

I was Wendy White in those days. A quick scrabble through albums tells me I don’t have childhood pictures. They are all with my parents. I do have this one of me outside the house in Glastonbury on my Honda 50 moped. I was 16 and needed to get to work in Baltonsborough! No luxury of college or university for us working class folk. Well, I lie, as my sister actually managed it. I believe she was the first student from St Dunstans ever to get to university”.

Wendy Tong from Glastonbury in the Seventies

I love the picture of Wendy on her moped. When I was a kid, living on a council estate in the East Midlands, I used to watch the bikers who lived opposite out the sitting room window. I wanted to be just like them, had I met Wendy at the time (she’s a few years older) I’d have definitely thought she was well cool!

If you have recollections of life in Glastonbury that you’d like to share please get in touch.

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2 thoughts on “Glastonbury Memories from the Seventies”

  1. Lovely to hear that not all Glastonbury’s residents shared the hatred of us hippies back then, Wendy! I know many didn’t, actually, but the vociferous ones (as usual) sometimes seemed the majority. We got our own back by feeling martyred and superior! Cheers, David.

  2. A number of the signs read “No Hippies or Such”….. The sweet shop/newsagents near St. Benedicts was I think ‘Zapps’, As a fourteen year old I used to do a Sunday paper round from there in the late 60s


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