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I’ve got some exciting news, I’ve published a book of photographs and also made book ‘Normal For Glastonbury’ available worldwide. It’s really exciting to know that my writing and photographs about this wonderful town can now reach an even bigger audience, plus when you buy my books it supports me to carry on writing and photographing!

Crap Views of the Tor – The Postcard Book – now available

Glastonbury Tor from abandoned peat works on the Smerset Levels
The photo that started it all

I’ve been a keen photographer since I got my first ‘proper’ camera at 14 years of age and was allowed to use the school darkroom. A decade ago, when living on the Somerset Levels, I got really into landscape photography. The last five years of taking photographs of the quirky and unusual sights in town for NFG’s social media have refined my skills, while digital phone photography has made life so much easier!

On one of the occasions I was out photographing the Somerset Levels, I spotted a view of the Tor framed by a gate into an abandoned peat works. I thought it was quite a beautiful composition, but was one that would never make it onto a picture postcard. When I started the NFG blog I had an excuse to take and post other ‘Crap Views of the Tor’ and I discovered other people enjoyed them too. In fact, they started taking their own and sending them to me, I even compiled some of them into blog posts. I enjoyed the way that many of the photographs served to celebrate the day to day of life in the Town, its retail parks and industry.

Readers suggested that I bought out a book of ‘Crap Views of the Tor’ and I thought what could be more appropriate than a book of actual postcards! So I compiled 20 of the best of my own photos and asked local printers St Andrews Press in Wells to bind them into a book.

The Postcard Book is only available for postage to the UK at the moment. Click below to find out more and order your copy. They make great gifts too!

Normal For Glastonbury – the paperback is now available for international readers

I’ve now made the book available as a paperback through and European Amazon sites. As the book is printed on demand by Amazon you will just pay normal postage charges, rather than the ridiculous amount that I would have to charge to post the book from the UK. I won’t have to worry about customs labelling or them getting lost in the post. Unfortunately I can’t sign these copies. They are a slightly different format to my UK printing (the book is slightly taller and less wide), but the cover and content is otherwise identical. Click here to find out more and order from

UK Readers

Please continue to buy the paperback direct from me, you can use the link below, these copies are printed locally on forest friendly paper and individually signed by me.

The Amazon Kindle eBook is also still available if you would rather read it as an eBook.

UK Readers – Want both books? As postage is at a flat rate of £3 regardless of how many you order, you can get the NFG paperback and Crap Views for only £19.98 including postage to the UK. Just put both books in your basket when you make your order.

Both books are available from selected shops in Glastonbury if you are visiting the town, or from me in person if we can arrange to meet.

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