Christmas in England's Oddest Town

Christmas in Glastonbury High Street

Most shops in the UK are happy to spread a bit of tinsel around in a bid to attract the Christmas shopper, if you want the wow factor you might expect to have to go to Oxford Street in London. Many of Glastonbury shop keepers do put a huge amount of effort in. I think it was the  Lilith shop that started it all, I’m guessing about 12 years ago, with a life size reindeer. I was so impressed I grabbed random passers by and made them look.

For those of you who won’t get to visit the town over the festive season, and those who’ve been here so long that you don’t actually notice anything anymore, I took a few photos, added some captions and here you go.

Glastonbury Christmas (1)
Tasteful gold oak leaves indicate the seasonal theme in the Goddess and the Green Man‘s window display
Glastonbury Christmas (2)
A very miinimalist Christmas Tree is the centrepiece for Dilliway and Dilliway‘s window
Glastonbury Christmas (3)
Lilith go for a traditional look with this Christmas Eve fireplace
Glastonbury Christmas (4)
Yin Yang don’t dissapoint with this window
Glastonbury Christmas (5)
Yin Yang’s other window – they clearly have more baubles than most.
Glastonbury Christmas (6)
Defying convention, Linda Ravenscroft has an interesting interpretation of the Yuletide theme with this mermaid in the Mystic Garden display.
Glastonbury Christmas (7)
Fragrant Earth go for Christmas Trees. Quite a few Christmas Trees.
Glastonbury Christmas (8)
I don’t know if this is a Christmas display in the Goddess Temple Shop, it’s got fairy lights but they are de rigeur at any time of year in Glastonbury
Glastonbury Christmas (9)
For the Cat and Cauldron nothing says Christmas quite like bad taxidermy draped in faintly menacing tinsel.
Glastonbury Christmas (10)
In Cat and Cauldron’s other window they appear to be going for the WTF factor rather than the Wow factor.
Glastonbury Christmas (11)
If it doesn’t snow this Christmas I might just strip naked and stare ar Elestial‘s window for a similar chilly effect.
Glastonbury Christmas (12)
Dear Santa, Can you pick me up one of these from Little Imps for Christmas, Thanks, Love Vicki aged 48 and a half.
Glastonbury Christmas (13)
Wish You Were Here Cafe had an appropriately themed Christmas Tree and a special visitor when I popped by to take their photo.
Glastonbury Christmas (16)
Happy Glastonbury‘s Christmas Tree appears to have a fairy infestation.
Glastonbury Christmas (14)
I got a Santa Selfie!

If you can I highly recommend coming to Glastonbury yourself to do some Christmas Shopping, if everyone you have to buy things for is resolutely normal then you can just buy things for yourself instead. If you can’t make it into town there is of course my Glastonbury Christmas Gift Guide,  Read an earlier post about Glastonbury’s shops here, and you might like this post about the Frost Fayre too.

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    • Thanks! They are taken on my Lenovo Note phone, using google camera, on panorama mode. Very easy, but you sometimes get the same person in the shot 3x, or some weird effects if someone moves too quick.


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