Glastonbury Repair Cafe

Don’t be a tosser! Find out how you can repair broken household items, with the help of the friendly volunteers at the Glastonbury Repair Cafe.

Love Glastonbury

Marisa at the Love Glastonbury Food Pantry

I’ve been finding out about Love Glastonbury, a charity who don’t just distribute food, but also spread unconditional love throughout the community. I’ve learnt how Love Glastonbury supports the town and how everyone, local or visitor, can contribute to their work.

Red Brick Building Community Garden

I recently revisited the Red Brick Building Community Garden on the edge of Glastonbury. I found it blooming, in more ways than one.

Ripples of Kindness

A Glastonbury resident

Glastonbury Community Volunteers are providing practical friendly support to the Glastonbury community, during lockdown and beyond.

Dod Lane to the Tor Tree Walk by Matt Witt

Glastonbury Tor from the meadow

A guide to one of Glastonbury’s best country walks, from Dod Lane (only 5 minutes from the High Street), to the Tor and back with Matt Witt of ‘To the Trees’.

A Shed of My Own

Traveller Site in the Snow

What’s life like living in a shed? I’ve lived in several. Here’s my very personal perspective on homelessness in Glastonbury.

Where are Glastonbury’s New Avalonians?

Alice Buckton at Chalice Well Glastonbury by Wellesley Tudor Pole

Nowadays I don’t hear many people asking what they can do for Glastonbury, it seems we are rather more concerned with what Glastonbury can do for us. With the town’s growth as a spiritual centre it has become a brand in its own right.

Anti-Social Behaviour In Glastonbury Town

Glastonbury High Street after the snow

Many residents and visitors are fed up with some of the behaviour on Glastonbury’s streets. Why is there a problem and what can be done?

Major Road Building Plan for Glastonbury?

Mendip Expressway Glastonbury Bypass Possible Route

In November 2017 Bruce Garrard from Unique Publications posted a piece on his blog about a proposed plan to build a major road, a Glastonbury Bypass, ruining forever the view from Glastonbury Tor. I would like to quote the points Bruce made which I feel are most revealing of the likely impact this would have … Read more