Dod Lane to the Tor Tree Walk by Matt Witt

Glastonbury Tor from the meadow

A guide to one of Glastonbury’s best country walks, from Dod Lane (only 5 minutes from the High Street), to the Tor and back with Matt Witt of ‘To the Trees’.

A Shed of My Own

Traveller Site in the Snow

What’s life like living in a shed? I’ve lived in several. Here’s my very personal perspective on homelessness in Glastonbury.

Where are Glastonbury’s New Avalonians?

Alice Buckton at Chalice Well Glastonbury by Wellesley Tudor Pole

Nowadays I don’t hear many people asking what they can do for Glastonbury, it seems we are rather more concerned with what Glastonbury can do for us. With the town’s growth as a spiritual centre it has become a brand in its own right.

Anti-Social Behaviour In Glastonbury Town

Glastonbury High Street after the snow

Many residents and visitors are fed up with some of the behaviour on Glastonbury’s streets. Why is there a problem and what can be done?

Major Road Building Plan for Glastonbury?

Mendip Expressway Glastonbury Bypass Possible Route

In November 2017 Bruce Garrard from Unique Publications posted a piece on his blog about a proposed plan to build a major road, a Glastonbury Bypass, ruining forever the view from Glastonbury Tor. I would like to quote the points Bruce made which I feel are most revealing of the likely impact this would have … Read more