Cannabis Pops Up in Glastonbury

Saturday the 20th of April is significant to those with a fondness for cannabis, who call it ‘420’ and choose this day to publicly celebrate their favourite plant. Naturally this meant Free Cannabis of Hemp in Avalon was out on the market cross reciting his Hemp poetry through a loud hailer. A crowd quickly grew and stayed for the whole recital. Whether their patience was due to being great poetry lovers or the promise of slices of free cannabis cake I wouldn’t like to say.

The crowd were a diverse bunch, not at all the dreadlocked hippies you might expect. As Free started cutting the cake I noticed an elderly and ordinarily dressed couple, the wife was pushing her husband further into the crowd, exclaiming “Get in there or you won’t get any!”. She needn’t have worried, there were two cakes and 200 truffles (containing 18g of cannabis in all), enough to go round even this sizable crowd.

On the other side of the market cross I spied the evangelical Christians who are generally to be found in this spot on market days and weekends, they appeared to be waiting patiently for their turn. Their message didn’t seem to have quite the same appeal as Free’s.

Passing the market cross at 6pm I notice there is still a large crowd of relaxed looking people, they look like they’re having a bit of a party. They are still there at 8pm and there’s even a couple left at midnight when I’m on my way home. It’s all very chilled. Funny that.

Hemp Aid this Sunday 5th of May 2019

If you are interested in the use of cannabis in pain management you might want to go along to Free’s pop up cannabis dispensary this Sunday 5th of May at 2pm on the Market Cross. It’s after the Glastonbury Fun Run, at which Tony (pictured) will be running 10K in aid of Hemp Aid. Hemp Aid provide a blend of cannabis oils shared freely for those experiencing pain, twitches or spasms. If you are interested in sponsoring Tony’s run then do pop into Hemp in Avalon.

It’s going to be a busy day with the Fun Run and the Dragon’s Beltane Procession. I love the way so many groups converge on Glastonbury!

The Hemp Aid event that Free Cannabis hosts in Glastonbury

If you’re interested in my experience with CBD please take a look at this earlier post ‘How CBD Helped Me Stop!‘.

For more information see Free’s website and check out Hemp in Avalon, 1A Market Place, Glastonbury. You can contact Free at or by phone on 01458 835769.

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