Cannabis Liberation Day is Coming Soon

Cannabis Liberation Day in Glastonbury

Free Cannabis, the proprietor of Glastonbury’s Market Place ‘Hemp In Avalon‘ shop, asked me to let you know about his next ‘Hemp Aid’ event in Glastonbury. I popped in to see him and to find out what he’s up to. He told me “The whole world, especially in Britain has woken up to cannabis now. People in pain in particular want it, as they know it works for them”.

As Queen Victoria’s personal physician Dr Reynolds put it:
“In almost all painful maladies I have found Indian Hemp by far the most useful of all drugs”.

Free feels that the current availability of ‘Legal Medical Cannabis’ in Britain to be totally unacceptable. Despite the governments claim that cannabis was to be legalized for medical use, as of November 1st 2018, It has been almost impossible for patients to obtain a prescription for medical cannabis. According to neurologist and neurorehabilitation physician Professor Mike Barnes, at a talk given at the London CBD event last July, only one person, Alfie Dingley, a young epileptic boy, has been prescribed cannabis on the NHS. Another 43 patients have received private prescriptions. 17 of these were for children receiving Epidiolex. The remainder have been prescribed Bedrocan, which is factory grown in Holland under artificial lights and then Gamma irradiated.

Free has found that a good balance of CBD and THC seems to work very well for pain management.

It’s ironic that Bedrocan is one of the only cannabis products that meets NHS approval, at 20% THC and less than 1% CBD it is, by the government’s definition, ‘skunk’, and not medical cannabis at all! Meanwhile ‘off the shelf’ cannabis products, on offer from High Street shops must contain no more than 0.2% THC.

Free says: “I’m finding the explosion of the ‘CBD only’ market challenging as it’s claiming CBD = Good, THC = Bad. I feel we need a balance of all cannabinoids, the so called ‘entourage effect’ to obtain the deepest healing. Consider an orchestra, one instrument playing at a time is a very different experience to hearing the whole orchestra. I believe in whole plant natural healing, rather than using isolated compounds”.

Free told me “As far as I’m aware I was the first person to advertise and sell CBD over the counter since 2014”. In response to the huge number of people who want to try cannabis to manage their symptoms of pain, twitches and spasms, Free will again be distributing ‘Hemp Aid’ in the form of an extract containing 2:1 CBD:THC balance, at the forthcoming Cannabis Liberation Day on Saturday 28th September 2019. The event takes place from High Noon in Glastonbury Market Place. This will be the 5th Hemp Aid event and, in line with the previous events, Rob does not expect any interference from the police.

Where next for Free Cannabis?

Photo from Free’s previous Hemp Aid event

Free’s intention for next year is to open a cannabis dispensary in Glastonbury, but his plans go wider than that “I’m putting out for benefactors to make finances available to buy about 5 acres of land with outbuildings, so I can grow cannabis, process it into products and sell them at a price that is fair to those in need, putting patients firmly before profit. I feel confident I will be left alone to get on with this as I will be providing a public service”.

“What I’m finding increasingly challenging is people are coming up to me when I’m shopping and giving me their full medical history, expecting me to diagnose and treat them. I’m not a medical doctor or counsellor. People need to take responsibility for their own health and do research into how best to handle their particular condition. What I can provide is support to nourish the endocannabinoid system, that’s it.“

How Can You Help?

Rob asks that if anyone would be able to help pass on flyers for the event, please drop by to ‘Hemp in Avalon’ and collect as many flyers as you can.

For more information you can download pdf’s of Rob’s article in Glastonbury’s Oracle magazine by clicking these links: Cannabis Day Sept 28th & Hemp Aid Sept 2019

For more information see Free’s website and check out Hemp in Avalon, 1A Market Place, Glastonbury. You can contact Free at or by phone on 01458 835769.

This post was kindly commissioned by Free Cannabis from Hemp in Avalon.

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