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‘Normal For Glastonbury: Life in England’s Most Magical Town’

Normal For Glastonbury eBook - Life in Glastonbury Town

Ever wanted to know what it’s really like to live in Glastonbury? ‘Normal For Glastonbury: Life in England’s Most Magical Town’ is a book full of insightful, affectionate and often humorous observations and anecdotes from over 30 years of life in England’s most magical (and oddest) town.

Besides collected writings and funny maps, there’s an illustrated ABC of Glastonbury, a timeline of significant events in Glastonbury’s history, essays covering social issues and pieces on Glastonbury Festival and its relationship to the Town. Published in May 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic the book also touches on life in Glastonbury in lockdown.

Foreword by Glastonbury based author and educator William Bloom, one of the world’s leading practitioners and experts in spirituality and wellness.

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“Snortingly laugh out loud moments, tears of recognition at certain points, this book really captures what it’s like to live here, what it means to be ‘Normal for Glastonbury’. Wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who wants to understand why people come to visit and why they stay, as well as provoking thought about more difficult issues from a balanced and ultimately humane perspective”.

Gerry Barnett (5* review on Amazon)

“Written with a vibrant wash of colourful ink. Drawing stories of people, places and their infinite quests…Dowsing for salad? The ultimate home spun musical instrument? When does a twig become a magic wand? Which crystal crypronite keeps bands of marauding Virgo’s away? liminality at its best…Life in Glastonbury seems to be one rich luminous tapestry. (Slightly threadbare in places). The author has a deep love, a wry smile and a touch of cynicism that always questions their own personal perspective. Never judging, always rather awed and amazed at the humanity of it all….A love of all nature is imbued throughout. So if you need a day trip away from it all. It’s well worth the ride. Stories of Glastonbury and its iMagicnation.”

Steven Fairclough (5* review on Amazon)

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3. I actually think Kindle Unlimited is pretty good. It’s not only fiction, Kindle Unlimited titles cover all different genres – you can read travel, cookbooks, self help books, even popular magazines like ‘Spirit and Destiny’ and ‘National Geographic’ . Yes, I know it’s Amazon, but I signed up out of curiosity at Christmas, planning to cancel within the month. However, I’ve actually discovered quite a few new authors and read more books than I have done in ages so I’ve kept my membership going.

4. Amazon is giving me a much bigger reach to tell people about Normal For Glastonbury and life in Glastonbury Town. The sales of the book will help me carry on promoting the Town and it’s wonderful creative community, much of which I do for free!

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