Glastonbury Repair Cafe

Don’t be a tosser! Find out how you can repair broken household items, with the help of the friendly volunteers at the Glastonbury Repair Cafe.

Love Glastonbury

Marisa at the Love Glastonbury Food Pantry

I’ve been finding out about Love Glastonbury, a charity who don’t just distribute food, but also spread unconditional love throughout the community. I’ve learnt how Love Glastonbury supports the town and how everyone, local or visitor, can contribute to their work.

Glastonbury Women

My experience of meeting strong women in Glastonbury when I moved here in the Nineties. Plus, some of the women from the last century who helped make the Town what it is today.

Glastonbury Yuletide Windows 2022

Abundiflora Christmas Window with sleigh

As you’d expect from a town full of creative people, Glastonbury always manages to give us a visual feast of Christmas window displays, here are a few of my favourites. Click on the photo for a bigger version and to see which shop it is. I always look forward to Yin Yang’s window, they are … Read more

Mocking the Glastonbury Christmas Tree 

Glastonbury has an ever-growing calendar of seasonal celebrations, but there is one event that is guaranteed to bring everyone, from the born and bred local to the newest incomer, together in joy and merriment. That is the yearly ritual of mocking the Town’s Christmas Tree.

Debbie De Mornay Penny

Debbie De Mornay Penny Artwork

A chat with Debbie De Mornay Penny, illustrator of ‘Normal For Glastonbury’ about drawing, dressing up, and what she loves about living in Glastonbury.

2023 Glastonbury Town Events

Glastonbury Town Events 2023

A list of the major Glastonbury Town Events taking place in 2023, to help you plan your year. Compiled for my Crap Views of the Tor Calendar.

Wyrdraven, for all things Viking


Fiona and Stuart Brogan are passionate about Heathenry and bringing the Vikings to life, through their shop ‘Wyrdraven’ on Glastonbury’s Benedict Street.