Normal for Glastonbury? Get the Mug!

mug-pic-frontSTOP PRESS! Normal for Glastonbury Mugs are now available to buy from the Sonus Magus Music shop tucked away in the Abbey Mews Arcade in Glastonbury High Street (sort of opposite the Post Office). Only £7.50 and you get an excuse to visit Glastonbury’s coolest music shop too, bargain! 

Back in September 2016 I asked on the Normal for Glastonbury Facebook Page if anyone would like a coffee / tea / decaff skinny soya chai latte mug with the Glastonbury Town Tourist Map on. The response was gratifyingly positive so here they are!

The mugs are a nice bright white, have an 11oz capacity (which means they hold a satisfying amount of your favourite hot beverage) and they are dishwasher and microwave safe *(see note below). They are £7.50 each.

If you’d like to order one to be sent to you by mail order (UK only I’m afraid) please click the Buy Now button to pay by Paypal. It’s £3.50 postage, however many mugs you buy! Simply select the quantity at the checkout. If you don’t want to sign up to Paypal just ‘sign in as guest’ at the login page. 


mug-pic-backPresently I’m selling them from Sonus Magus or on a ‘Stop Me and Buy One’ basis in town rather than through lots of local shops. I’m spending a lot of time on this blog and the mugs are my way of making some money back in return, so for the now I would rather sell them myself than have to add a shop’s commission on top. For this reason, even if you have known me for ages please give me the full price or a good exchange (will swap mugs for dinner, cider, other useful stuff, but definitely not crystals or reiki). Mark from Sonus Magus has very kindly offered to sell the mugs at zero commission for me, so if you are buying one from him do check out the mind-boggling musical goodies he has on offer.

So,  if you are in town and would like to arrange to buy one off me please send me a message on the Facebook Page or Contact Me.

*Not of course that I expect any of you use microwaves, being as we all know in Glastonbury that they emit nasty vibrations that suck the nutrition from your food, the qi from your kidneys and give you warts.

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